Beating The Book

Beating The Book

This article is part of our Beating the Book series.

Last week was ugly – I went 5-9 ATS, lost my best bet (Bengals) by a mile and went 2-3 in the Supercontest. You probably won't believe me, but I actually had the Titans as my best bet before the game was put in doubt, so I switched off them. Had the Bills won, I probably wouldn't be mentioning it, though. 

This week, I especially like the Vikings (probably a sucker play given how off I am on the line), the Cowboys, Jaguars and Steelers. The ones I like least are the Eagles, Buccaneers and Bills, and I'm lukewarm on the Titans, Jaguars and Niners. 

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Bears +2.5 at Panthers

It feels like a bit of recency-bias to ride with the streaking Panthers, but I made the line three, and the Bears are only getting 2.5. Take Carolina. 

Panthers 24 - 21

Lions -3.5 at Jaguars

I made this line a pick 'em, so I'm on the Jaguars. After beating Indy in Week 1, Jacksonville has not been good, but Detroit isn't good enough to lay more than a field-goal on the road against anyone. Take the points. 

Jaguars 24 - 23

Falcons +3.5 at Vikings

I made this line eight, so I'm not even close to the market number. The Falcons could get a dead-cat bounce from their organizational purge, but the Vikings played the Titans tough, beat the Texans on the road and

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