Job Battles: August 10 Update

Job Battles: August 10 Update

This article is part of our Job Battles series.

Plenty occurred between now and last week's Job Battles article, so look below for updates on the Washington running backs, Las Vegas wide receivers and Pittsburgh backup running backs.

Make sure to check the prior write ups to get to the bottom of the histories up to this point.

Detroit RBs, Washington RBs, and Philadelphia WRs
Indianapolis RBs, San Francisco RBs, and San Francisco WRs
Kansas City RBs, Washington WRs, and Atlanta WRs
Tampa Bay RBs, New England WRs, and Las Vegas WRs
Rams TEs, Pittsburgh RBs, and Atlanta RBs
Denver WRs, Tennessee TEs, and Philadelphia RBs
Buffalo RBs, Minnesota RBs, Detroit WRs
Kansas City WRs
Rams RBs
Miami RBs, Cleveland WRs
Jacksonville WRs, Seattle TEs

August 3: KC RB update, TB RB update, GB WRs, PHI WRs, DET WR update, WAS WR update

Washington RBs

Antonio Gibson (123.0 NFFC, 108.39 BB10)
Adrian Peterson (152.6 NFFC, 147.48 BB10)
Bryce Love (208.5 NFFC, 215.71 BB10)
JD McKissic (292.8 NFFC, 240.1 BB10)
Peyton Barber (284.9 NFFC, 239.19 BB10)

With the disgusting Derrius Guice news from Friday and his consequent release, Washington's already fluid backfield situation was made more wide-open yet.

The most expensive remaining fantasy option is doubtlessly Antonio Gibson, the big (6-0, 228), jet-propelled (4.39 40) rookie third-round pick out of Memphis. They don't come much more toolsy than Gibson, whose athleticism is legitimately functional – he's a football athlete rather than a track athlete playing football, in other words. Still, even the most athletic players need reps

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