DFS Tournament Guide: NFL Week 7 Strategy
DFS Tournament Guide: NFL Week 7 Strategy

This article is part of our DFS Tournament Guide series.

I'm not sure what it is about this season where I repeatedly find myself leaning toward balanced DFS lineups full of mid-priced players, rather than the stars-and-scrubs construction that generally seemed to offer more upside in the past. It could just be a matter of injuries and slow starts for a few top players, or perhaps second- and third-year breakouts that still haven't been fully priced in.

Whatever the case, it looks like more of the same Week 7, with the $5,300-5,900 price range at WR standing out as the most fruitful ground for harvesting value. There's also some fun stuff happening a bit lower down the price scale at tight end, where Austin Hooper, Mark Andrews and Darren Waller all appear headed for another week of heavy usage.

As always, I'm happy to discuss strategy in the comments section below, or on twitter (@RotowireNFL_JD).

Note: All prices listed come from DraftKings, but most of the logic can be applied to other sites across the DFS industry. Discussion is limited to players from the "main slate" of games kicking off at 1:00, 4:05 and 4:25 p.m. ET on Sunday. The strategy below is meant for large-field tournaments, where payouts typically are limited to ~20 percent of lineups, with the vast majority concentrated at the very top. Risk is our friend.

Point-Per-Dollar Value

These are the players with the best projections relative to price — the guys that are great plays both for cash games and large-field tournaments.

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